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Subtle – an intimate Modern Beauty portrait session

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We know it’s a little bit early but January will be here before you know it!!  My beauty team and I are SO excited to offer this to our clients – it’s been a long asked for event and we’re finally able to make it happen for you!  For only 1 weekend in January, we’ll be offering Subtle - an intimate Modern Beauty portrait session.  The images will be bright, crisp, elegant and just a bit *ahem* risque…keeping with the Modern Beauty style but adding a little more (ok, maybe a lot more) hotness.

As always, the extremely talented Veronica Passalacqua and Betsey Oliver will be glamming you ladies up with complete hair and make-up.  Then, you’ll get to spend some time being directed by moi into the most flattering poses possible.  Please don’t worry about not knowing what to do – I’ll take care of it all for you!  You’ll then get to pick out your favorite images and how you’d like them displayed.

All orders will be delivered before Valentine’s Day!!  Convenient, huh?

Also, we’ve heard that hubbies don’t mind waiting until Valentine’s Day to get their Christmas present and we’re happy to send you little card if you want to wrap it up for under the tree ;)

The sessions will be held ONLY ON JANUARY 11 & 12th and are being booked on a first come basis.  To book your session, call or email me at 707-479-2184 or  Your session fee is payable in full to reserve your spot and is non-refundable.  You can also book through Veronica or Betsey if you’re lucky enough to see them on a regular basis.  Our location will be a private (gorgeous!) residence in West Sonoma County.

Your Subtle package includes:

Petite portrait session + make-up + hair + 10 image album (6×6 album with thick pages and a gorgeous black brocade cover – upgrade options will be available)

Book after November 22 | 695.

Book before November 22 | 580.

You will also be able to choose from a number of fabulous other displays to add to your package and digital files will be made available for purchase.

I think that about covers it!  Hope to see you all in January!!

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subtle by mariah smith 2

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subtle WM



Why Modern Beauty?

I started Modern Beauty Portraits thinking they were going to be a fun little add on where I got to play with ball gowns and pretty hair. But, during the first few sessions, I quickly realized just how powerful they are. Most women rarely see a picture of themselves that they actually love. The camera does not see women like our eyes do. Camera’s flatten us, make us look wider and are really not that kind. As a result, most women see pictures where they really don’t look like themselves and think “is that really how I appear to others?”. Add to that, the overwhelming saturation of celebrity images where the ladies have been told exactly how to pose for the camera & have been completely airbrushed. The toll this takes on a woman’s belief in her beauty is huge.

This is a chance for me to help correct that for women. I truly believe that all women are beautiful in their own unique way. I also believe that every woman should be shown that beauty. It’s not a beauty that comes from hair, make-up and a pretty dress but the beauty of confidence and appreciation of oneself that comes from feeling gorgeous! And all that primping and gussying definitely helps a woman feel amazing.

The part I love most during these sessions is the last ½ hr or so. I can see every one of my clients start to accept and realize how beautiful they are. They stop focusing on their self-perceived flaws. They stop trying to make themselves as invisible as possible. They stop getting a little embarrassed when I show them an image that they nailed. They start embracing themselves. They start appreciating what they have. They start seeing what others see when they look at them.

That’s when I can get a woman to look into my camera and think “This is me. And I am beautiful.” And, she’ll actually mean it.

Everyone is photogenic. Everyone can take a gorgeous portrait. Everyone deserves a forever reminder of feeling beautiful.

That’s what a Modern Beauty Portrait is – a forever reminder of the moment you realized your beauty.

modern beauty portraits

modern beauty portraits 1

modern beauty portraits 2

Introducing…Modern Beauty Portraits!

Because I truly believe that every woman deserves to have gorgeous portraits of herself.  Portraits that show her true unique beauty.  Portraits that will always remind her of how great she felt getting all dolled up.  Portraits that will freeze that time of her life for her, her children, grandchildren and beyond.

These portraits are for every woman.  They’re genuine & honest and I’m so excited to be offering them!

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MSP Modern Beauty

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