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Modern Beauty Portraits | Dena

Talk about bringing out a rarely seen serious side!!  When Dena came to me for portraits, she told me she wanted to showcase the playful, goofy side of her personality.  She has a very sweet daughter and spends a lot of her time playing with her.  I loved hearing that and it was a reminder that I need to play with my kids more – I could definitely use a dose of 9 yr old silliness ;)

But, as we were creating her portraits, I noticed a side of her that was confident, bold and a bit sassy and I totally went with it.  I made sure to capture some of her silliness, as well but I was really drawn to the more serious side of her.  I felt like she was in a bit of a transformation where she was starting to take herself a little more seriously and embracing the strong, intelligent woman that she’s become.  I felt that because she told a little something to that affect in our consultation ;)  But, also because she really showed me that in our session.  Sometimes, clients will tell me one thing and then show me another.  I was honestly a bit nervous about showing her her images because I did focus less on the playful and more on the confident side but was surprised & thrilled when she invested in the more serious images.  Sometimes, going with your instincts pays off!

“Yay! Thank you Mariah Smith for making me feel beautiful!” – Dena H

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Hair & Make-up | Betsey Oliver of The Beauty Spot
Wardrobe Styling | Style by Malia

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