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Bravas Bar de Tapas

Oh boy!  This was one of the most enjoyable shoots ever!  Not only was I surrounded by amazingly delicious smells, gorgeous eye-candy decor & a super excited wait staff in training (I love the energy during restaurant openings…blame it on my bartender history ;).  But, I also got to sample some of my yummy subjects!  And, let me tell you – this place is good…really, really good!  Like, I can’t wait to get up there again, good.  I couldn’t get enough of their Mussel Escabeche with chili relish and I’m constantly craving the Monterey Calamari.  I’m definitely a small plates kind of girl and would just like 1 of everything, please!

Enjoy the images but try not to drool on your keyboard ;)

Bravas Bar de Tapas is located at 420 Center St in Healdsburg.  Get on up there!


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  1. Holly Hansen says:

    Thank you so much for the delicious photos, Mariah. Everyone is thrilled with them and cannot stop talking about what a pleasure you were to work with. Looking forward to our next project!

  2. Mariah,
    We’re going to try Bravas today. Your photographs are lovely. If Starks’ lives up to their reputation and the food is as good as photographed, we should have a wonderful lunch. Thanks for sharing these.

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